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Welcome to Sol-Full Kitchen

Our Story

On the Sun-kissed slopes of Carmel Valley, Sol-full Kitchen infuses a smidge of joy with a pinch of love to create naturally nourishing foods that we hope will fill you with healthy and abundant energy. We find the intentional acts of selecting, chopping, stirring, and preparing foods for ourselves, our family, and our community enriches our lives and stirs us on our own paths toward a life filled with peace and self-care. All our ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. We hope that you enjoy these bliss balls and energy bars as much and we enjoy making them.

Meet Carol

Nice Bites was created out of inspiration from a Christmas present Bliss Bites: Vegan, Gluten- & Dairy-Free Treats,   Carol enjoyed experimenting with new bliss ball recipes and sharing them with family and neighbors so much that she decided to take these feel-good snacks to the Farmers Market and local grocery stores.

She is licensed by the Monterey County Environmental Health Department under the Cottage Food Act.

Carmel Valley Farmer's Market

Our Core Values


The consumption of refined sugars can have negative effects on the body. For this reason, all Nice Bites products are made only with natural sweeteners such as dates, figs, raw honey or maple syrup. Not too much, just enough!

Sustainable Packaging

We promote the practice of refilling reusable containers and integrating compostable, sustainable plant-based packaging where reusable containers just aren’t practical,

Allergy & Diet-Friendly

Dietary choices are a very personal matter; whether derived from allergies, morals or in pursuit of better health. Therefore, all Nice Bites products are vegan, dairy, gluten, refined sugar and soy free.

Home-Made & Local

There’s a reason that mom’s casserole and grandma’s pie always tastes better than store bought –food made with care and love will always be superior to factory-produced products. Every batch of energy bars and bliss balls is handmade in Carmel Valley and packaged by the owners with plenty of added love.